Chaaya Island Dhonveli

The first glimpse of Chaaya Lagoon Hakura Huraa from the air leaves visitors speechless. Pure white-capped roofs of the resort's 70 Water Bungalows, set in knee deep crystal waters of the lagoon, can be a rare sight. A walk around this strip of island covered with green-topped palm trees will reveal 10 charming Beach Bungalows strategically placed with the lagoon as the front yard. Chaaya Lagoon Hakura Huraa offers visitors an amazing international choice of scrumptious cuisine and many dining options including a Main Restaurant, a Garden Restaurant, a Coffee Shop and a Lagoon Bar. As the Sun begins to set and the stars come out at night there is just the right touch of entertainment to complement every blissful day spent here. While there are many leisure and recreation facilities on this tiny island, the 'Sanctuary Spa' takes pride of place. With expert therapists offering over twenty different beauty treatments and therapies designed to pamper guests, the spa is one of the most popular spots on the island.


The Maldives is the flattest place on earth and the Meemu Atoll, where the Hakura Huraa island is found, is the smallest of the 26 atolls that make up paradise on earth. Hakura Huraa is one of Maldive Island's 1190 pristine coral islands quick to seduce visitors with its tranquil tropical touch, pure white sand, swaying palm trees, brilliant turquoise lagoon, a wealth of marine life and overwhelming sense of romance.

The Rooms

Water Bungalows

The feeling of being intimate with the ocean is further enhanced with the glass bottoms in the Water Bungalows. Visitors claim that each time they look down there's a different thing to look at. A lost lion fish, a wondering parrot fish and even a bored octopus, they live beneath you in their marine kingdom.

The Water Bungalows sit on stilts and are complete with four-star amenities. The architecture is in harmony with its surroundings while the interiors are tastefully designed to complement the colors of its tropical backdrop. Each of these bungalows has its own private open-air decks with a wooden staircase going down to the lagoon offering unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean.

  • King sized Bed
  • Well stocked mini Refrigerator
  • A Television showing 17 channels
  • Bathtub
  • Bathrobes and Bath Slippers
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee making facilities
  • Complimentary toiletries and much more
Beach Bungalows

Guests often lie nestled in a swaying hammock in the backyard of a Beach Bungalow secluded from the world. With cerulean waters, unspoiled beaches and emerald palms to gaze at, beauty surrounds guests day in and day out.

The Beach Bungalows with their spacious rooms, polished wooden floors and modern furnishings, are set in the shade of palm trees. Guests have the advantage of both a beach and a lagoon frontage.

  • King sized Bed
  • Well stocked mini Refrigerator
  • A Television showing 17 channels
  • Bathtub
  • Open-air garden bathrooms
  • Bathrobes and Bath Slippers
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee making facilities
  • Private Hammocks and much more


Malaafaiy Restaurant

A spacious indoor restaurant with large windows offering a stunning view of the island and the lagoon serves outstanding buffet spreads during mealtimes.

Nalha Falhu, Lounge and Bar

It could not be better located. Designed to have the waters of the lagoon encircling it, the bar is one of the best-located bars in the world. It's where friendly conversations take place over the peaceful and perpetual sound of gently lapping water. It's where guests recount their day's discoveries in paradise and plan the days to come.


Escape, escape and escape

From dolphin safaris to fishing excursions, from hours spent at the spa to island hopping, from lazing in the Sun to lazing under palms, guests staying at the resort have plenty to do. A guest's things to do list will include: Sunbathing, watching a crab race, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing, beach volleyball, beach football, badminton, a visit to the mini gymnasium, table tennis, chess, playing cards and monopoly and most importantly at least a full day at the Sanctuary Spa. Every visitor should try at least one of the five Experience Packages the resort offers. They come highly recommended!

Wedding in Paradise

A celebration of that most memorable moment in life, as marriage wows are exchanged on a soft, white, sandy beach, surrounded by the romance of turquoise waters studded with colorful corals and marine life. Chaaya Hakura Huraa will create the perfect private ceremony with tropical floral décor, Maldivian dancers, an oriental ceremony, cake, champagne fountain, fruit cocktails and finger foods. A touch of magic for the honeymoon with breakfast in bed and a trip to the Isle of Adam and Eve, where the couple will have this uninhabited island of white sands and lush greens, all to themselves for a whole day. The couple will be treated to the following: moonlight harvesting during a five course dinner on the beach with waves lapping at the feet, a romantic candle-light dinner at the fine-dining restaurant and a fascinating excursion to spot dolphins.

More than just a Holiday

Want a little more than the standard all-inclusive package? How about something 'extra' in the holiday in the tropics? Perhaps a few popular excursions to discover more of what Maldive Islands offer? And, maybe some extra-special culinary delights? Chaaya Hakura Huraa will give you just that. Whether it is the special stress-relieving back massage that greets guests upon arrival or the island hopping and snorkeling safaris that they go on, where they are awed by the native Maldivian daily life and the exotic marine life, or the special candle light dinner offered, the hotel promises a holiday that is above par.

Package includes:
Dhoni transfers during excursions, Island Hopping to Muli-the capital of the Atoll and Naalaa-fushi,

Snorkeling safari, Stress-free back massage at the spa upon arrival, Dinner at signature restaurant.

Discover Maldives

Discover the rich diversity that a holiday on a tropical Maldivian Isle has to offer. For visitors seeking more than just a leisurely holiday, Chaaya Lagoon Hakura Huraa offers guests an opportunity to explore the many wonders of the Indian Ocean, local attractions, life in the atolls and special culinary delights. During the holiday, guests will be whisked away on a number of popular excursions. The Meemu Atoll is famed for its spotting of dolphins and it is a treat to watch these fascinating creatures in the water during a dolphin safari. Night fishing too, is an experience to remember, and the night's catch will be served to guests during dinner the following day. Island hopping, where visitors will discover traditions and a way of life that is so different among the natives of two nearby islands, is also included. Plus, guests can look forward to an introductory diving lesson with the first dive among myriad corals, fish life and turtles. To wrap it up, included are Saturday Sunset Cocktails and followed by Dinner at the restaurant where guests can enjoy their fill of fresh lobster and prawns, grills and more.

Package Includes:

Dhoni transfers during excursions, Dolphin safari with refreshments, Night fishing and preparation of catch the next day, Island hopping to Muli-the capital of the Atoll and Naalaafushi, Choice of introductory diving lessons and maiden dive or snorkeling safari, Sunset Cocktails, Dinner at signature restaurant including choice of Lobster or jumbo Prawns.

Sunset And Night Fishing

A buffet serving up your catch of the day! This is gourmet experience that should not be cast aside. The sunset and night fishing excursion at Chaaya Lagoon is a firm favorite with visitors who want to do a bit of fishing.