Keystone Team

Keystone International was established in 2007 as a project management company serving for various types of property development including resorts and hotel properties. The company's experience and exposure with detail involvement in multidisciplinary consultants and design firms has lead to work with major hospitality operators like JW Marriott and Six senses in the development stage. Close ties and understanding of hospitality sector requirements in managing major developments has created Keystone holidays in 2010 to serve hospitality environment. In addition to the great passion of serving people, the owners of Keystone holiday's knowledge and experience including the professional training in hospitality management has resulted establishment is servicing for guests and tour operators. Keystone holidays is established to lead as a leisure holiday group and is continued to strengthen the relationship with hoteliers, resorts and international tour operators in the sectors of hospitality and management.


We are committed to be a leading hospitality partner and a service agent for our guests and cooperate agents to create and maintain memorable and exciting stay in the Maldives. We aim to create and sustain a personal touch and understand the need of our guests at all times during their stay under our care creating and facilitating and affordable stay. We wish Keystone holidays to be prompt, flexible partner of yours while you are away from home; offering services to make your convenient.

In summary

Keystone holidays is determined to be a leisure travel group providing, customers the choice of differentiated and flexible travel experiences to meet the changing needs.


Our Mission is to build a binding and continuous relationship with organizations and customers seeking effective and economic holiday experience and support, providing them exiting and continuous hospitality.

Definition "Keystone"

A keystone is the architectural piece at the crown of a vault or arch which marks its apex, locking the other pieces into position. This makes a keystone very important structurally. In an arch, the keystone is usually lager than the voussoirs that make up the arch. The term is used figuratively to refer to the central supporting element of a larger structure, such a a theory or an organization, without which the whole structure would collapse.

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Kulunu Vehi [5D], Buruzu Magu
Maafannu, Male' 20318
Republic of Maldives
Email:travel@keystoneholidays.com.mv | ahinax@hotmail.com
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